8 – 11 FEBRUARY 2018

Welcome to the online application for the fifth edition of Material, Latin America’s premier independent art fair. This coming edition will take place from February 8th – 11th, 2018, debuting at the historic and newly-restored Frontón México, located in the heart of Mexico City.

To begin a new application, please use the form on the right to register a new account. If you have already opened an application, please log in to continue.

If you’d like more information before you begin — including available booth sizes and pricing — please download our informational PDF: Material Art Fair 2018. We also invite you to review the FAQ below which answers many of the most common questions about the application process.




  1. Is there an application fee?
  2. Which payment methods does Material Art Fair accept for the application fee?
  3. My application fee payment wasn’t accepted, what do I do?
  4. How does Material Art Fair select its exhibitors?
  5. I am an individual artist / collective / artistic project, can I apply for a booth at Material Art Fair?
  6. Who can apply for the project spaces at Material?
  7. When will I find out if my application was accepted?
  8. I was waitlisted, what does that mean?

1. Yes, there is a mandatory and non-refundable application fee of $125 usd. Your application is not complete and will not be considered by the selection committee until the application fee has been paid.

2. The application fee can be paid with any major credit or debit card via a secure payment processing form at the end of the application. Please note that this charge will appear on your bank statement as having been made by "Conekta", our online payment processing provider.

3. In its efforts to prevent credit card fraud, our payment processing service Conekta’s detection algorithm will sometimes reject valid forms of payment out of an abundance of caution. If this happens to you, please write us immediately at info@material-fair.com so that we can resolve the issue.

4. Material Art Fair is committed to presenting an exciting, international group of exhibitors each year while maintaining the intimate size and exceptional level of quality for which it’s known. In order to accomplish this, Material’s organizers invite a new selection committee each year, comprised of esteemed gallerists, which carefully reviews and discusses each and every one of the received applications. In this way, the fair hopes to always grant applicants the fairest possible opportunity for selection.

Applications are evaluated firstly upon the strength of the stand proposal, but the committee also takes into consideration other factors like the quality of the applicant’s general program and geographic context. The applications are first rated independently by each committee member and then discussed in case of disagreement. Based on the ratings and the surrounding conversations, stands are then allocated to the top-rated applicants according to the availability of the booth sizes selected by the applicant.

5. Applicants that will be considered for Material Art Fair must maintain year-round exhibition programs. This includes commercial galleries, non-profit or artist-run exhibition spaces, or nomadic curatorial projects. Material will not accept proposals from individual artists or collectives.

6. Project spaces are small, affordable stands, which are subsidized by the fair and primarily intended for non-profit or artist-run exhibition spaces. Recently-established commercial galleries may also be considered for these spaces.

7. We will begin the review and selection process once the application period is closed on October 13th. The process usually requires 3-4 weeks, so we expect to begin sending out notifications toward the beginning of November.

8. If you are waitlisted, it means that your proposal was rated highly but that there weren’t enough available spaces to include you in the initial selection. Sometimes circumstances change for the selected exhibitors and they notify the fair upon acceptance that they are unable to participate. In this case, we then invite the waitlisted galleries to join the official selection.