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Mexico City

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Hideki Yukawa

Hideki Yukawa is a Japanese artist and humorist. His work has been presented in galleries, museums and theaters across Japan, China, the United States, France, Spain, Colombia and Brazil. Yukawa's work is characterized by a sharp critical analysis of the paradoxes of contemporary life, often utilizing humor as a tool to dissect and reveal meaning. He has lived all over the world and arrived this year to take up residency in Mexico City, following the footsteps of On Kawara in the 1960s.

Gallery Statement

BWSMX was established in Mexico City in the summer of 2017 as an office for collaborative activities in contemporary art. In addition to its program of exhibitions, the office also produces the monthly Sábado de Galerías (Gallery Saturday) in Mexico City and initiated Ruberta in Los Angeles. Its founder, Brett William Schultz was formerly co-director of the gallery Yautepec from 2008 to 2017.

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Hideki Yukawa

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