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Artists Bio

Derzu Campos
(b. in Sinaloa, Mexico, 1980) Lives and works in Mexico City.

Derzu Campos earned a master's degree in visual arts at Goldsmiths University (2015). Recent projects and exhibitions include: ‘Together Apart’, BIENALSUR (International Contemporary Art Biennial of South America); ‘Signs Preceding the End of the World’, La Capsula, Zürich; ‘While Disappearing’, LADRONgalería, Mexico City; ‘Back to the Island’, Palma Espai d'Art Foundation, Palma; ‘Guilt Complex’, Biquini Wax, Mexico City; ‘Between 9:00 pm and Home’, Chalton Gallery, London. Awards and distinctions include: Young Creators Grant; Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprise; Goldsmiths Enterprise Award, Goldsmiths, University of London.

Mateo Pizarro
(b. in Colombia, 1984) Lives and works in Mexico City.

In 2009 he finished his degree in electronic arts at the Universidad de los Andes, where his work as a draftsman was influenced by processes of contemporary. However, his concern for the technical aspects of drawing comes from an elder tradition. In addition to his drawings, Pizarro makes light installations. His work has been awarded and exhibited in different cities, including Mexico City, Paris, Bogota, Madrid, Houston, Miami, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. In 2014 he was selected to participate in the grants and commissions program of the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation.

Federico Martínez Montoya
(b. in Mexico City, 1984) Lives and works in Mexico City.

Federico Martínez Montoya studied the Educational Program in SOMA and the Master's in Visual Arts at ENAP-UNAM. His research focuses on the relationship of economic systems with the urban environment and the human body. His production uses different media such as action art, installation, photography and video, among others. His work has been part of individual and collective exhibitions in cities such as Turin, Quito, Vienna, Brussels, Madrid, New York and Copenhagen. He has carried out residencies in independent spaces such as Taller 7, Medellín; NoAutomático, Monterrey; and in private collections such as the Servais Brussels Collection. He is currently part of the collective projects "Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Ecatepec" and "Museo Invisible Fundidora".

Gallery Statement

Galería breve is an independent space that arises from the need to promote and encourage emerging art and collecting. It started as a Pop-Up Gallery in November 2012 and consolidated as a gallery in April 2015 with a physical space. In these years it has showed 50 exhibitions, helping emerging artists to have their first individual shows. It is currently a space for dialogue with young artists through a program of compelling exhibitions and connections with audiences. Additionally, they have carried out interdisciplinary events such as book presentations, projection cycles, performance and free workshops for the community.

Artists at Material

Derzu Campos
Federico Martinez Montoya

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Andrea Martinez
Camila Cossio
Chris Castañeda
Federico Martinez Montoya
Jorge Rosano Gamboa
Keef Winter
Manuela Garcia
Natalia Fernandez
Sebastian Vizcaino
Sofia Garfias
Derzu Campos
Mateo Pizarro


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