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Marie Hélène Herald
(b. in Grande Kabylie, Algeria) Lives and works in Paris (France).

Marie Hélène Herald is a keen observer of people and the rhythms of life in Pigalle (Paris, France), where she has been living for 50 years in a ground floor studio flat on Rue Frochot. Herald fled to France in 1962 along with many other «Pieds-Noirs». She then decided to settle in Pigalle in 1969 and began to work as a cleaner in the «Bars à Truands» and «Bars à Filles» areas. Always having an attachment to drawing and painting, she depicts the daily scenes of Pigalle on canvas, in notebooks and scrap pieces of paper or cardboard. She represents dancers, actresses or musicians, sex workers, bar owners, waiters and waitresses, regular patrons and passers by. Her work shares some of the characteristics of Art Brut as described by Jean Dubuffet or Raymonde Moulin, and was presented for the first time this year in front of la Paris Internationale in a 1988 Lincoln Towncar Limousine.

Thomas Mailaender
(b. in Marseille, France, 1979) Lives and works in Paris (France).

Thomas Mailaender is a French multimedia artist. Known for his use of a wide range of media including ceramic, cyanotype, photography and collage, he oftens incorporates found imagery and objects into his works, updating obsolete photo processes as a kind of Jack of all trades, and archaeologist of present times. Through his collecting and curatorial practice he has been gathering an important collection ­–‘The Fun Archaeology’– whose documents highlight the very absurdity carried by its subjects, the vernacular richness of their language and their accidental poetry. His recent solo exhibitions include ‘The Fun Archaeology’, Michael Hoppen Gallery (2018); ‘The Fun Archive’, NRW Forum, Düsseldorf (2017); other exhibitions include Saatchi Gallery, London (‘Iconoclast’); Tate Modern, London (‘Performing For The Camera’); Palais de Tokyo in Paris (‘Do Disturb’); Festival Images in Vevey, Switzerland (‘Night Climbers of Cambridge’) and Paris Photo, among others.

Bobby Dowler
(b. in London, United Kingdom, 1983)

Dowler’s work resists the status of painting or sculpture, as it is part of a process that redefines the archetypal notions of paternity and artistic creation. His approach begins with the collection of paintings, frames and chassis, whether on flea markets, in landfills or auctions and even in the studios of his friends in the artistic community. These discarded objects are then reconstructed and transformed over the years, often accompanying the artist in his many travels until their ownership is finally transferred to a collector. Dowler is represented by Hannah Barry Gallery in London and Galeria Alegria in Madrid were he recently had a solo show entitled ‘I Will Find One’. Other solo exhibitions include ‘Something Must Happen’, Sometimes it Happens, London; ‘Hooking On’, Hannah Barry Gallery; and ‘Painting Objects’, 104 Kléber, Paris.

My-Lan Hoang-Thuy
(b. in Bourg-La-Reine, France, 1990) Lives and works in Paris (France).

My-Lan Hoang-Thuy has recently finished her studies at the Beaux-Arts. Her work mixes influences from her Asian background, on which she applies a near-touristic gaze, paired with her experience studying graphic design in France and Switzerland, resulting in a pot-pourri of techniques and materials over which she disturbs, mistreats and sublimes her imagery. Her first solo show will take place in January 2019 at Galerie Premier Regard in Paris. Hoang Thuy’s work will be exhibited at Salon Jeune Creation at the Fondation Fiminco in Romainville and has been part of group exhibitions including ‘i-n-t-o-t-o-6’ at Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard or ‘Leur Printemps’ at Galerie Papillon.

Angelique Heidler
(b. in Paris, France, 1992) Lives and works in Paris (France).

Heidler’s paintings play with forms, codes and conventions from popular culture, advertising and the Internet. Employing various techniques such as digital printing, screen-printing, sublimation printing, oil, acrylic, spray painting, collage and ceramics, her paintings are reflections upon her sources that are critical, cynical and at times ironic. Subject matter and aesthetics collide through compositions to form work that appropriates visual tropes to turn them onto themselves. Heidler’s paintings will be the subject of a solo show in January 2019 at L’Inlassable Galerie in Paris. Her work has been shown in numerous group shows including ‘The Unlimited Dream Company’ at Hannah Barry Gallery in London, ‘Business Classe’ at Chez Mohamed Galerie, or ‘The Dark Ages’ at Supplement Gallery, London.

Allen Jones RA
(b. in Southampton, Reino Unido, 1937)

Allen Jones is a British pop artist best known for his paintings, sculptures, and lithography. He is a Senior Academician at the Royal Academy of Arts. He has been shown in numerous solo exhibitions in institutions around the world and his works reside in a number of collections; including the Tate, the Museum Ludwig, the Warwick Arts Centre and the Hirshhorn Museum.

Antoine Donzeaud
(b. in Vitry-sur-Seine , France, 1985) Lives and works in Paris (France).

As a multidisciplinary artist, his practice explores both social and physical structures in contemporary society with regards to architecture and space, identity and community. His work has been exhibited at Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris; Fondation Ricard, Paris; Villa Arson, Nice; Nirox Foundation, Johannesburg; Rupert, Vilnius; Valentin, Paris; Ashes/Ashes, Los Angeles; Nicodim, Bucharest; MonChéri, Bruxelles. He is the co-founder of the project space Exo Exo that has been presenting shows and projects by international artists and curators.

Olivier Kosta-Théfaine
(b. in Bezons, France, 1972) Lives and works in Paris and Yeu (France).

Kosta-Théfaine defines himself as a “painter of landscapes”, exploring the city through its margins. In his desire to rehabilitate the uninteresting and mundane, the artist places the often inextricable balance of power that we maintain against the city within the field of poetry. Considering himself as a pure product of an urban environment, he plays with clichés and transforms common references. The classic is diverted through techniques of “cheap vandalism”, so when he composes a view of the sky, inspired by the frescoes of the Italian palaces, burnt with a lighter on the three cupolas of the Palais de Tokyo, the graffiti of the ceilings of his adolescence acquire a certain air of Renaissance paintings. His work has been exhibited at Villa Medici (2017), Palais de Tokyo (2016), Maubuisson Abbey (2012), Fondation Cartier (2009), and integrated the collections of the Départemental Fund of Contemporary Art of Essonne (2013) and the Municipal Contemporary Art Fund of the City of Paris (2011).

Hubert Marot
(b. in Chateau Thierry, France, 1986) Lives and works in Paris (France).

Hamza Mediia
(b. in Cairo, Egypt, 1976) Lives and works in Rabat (Morocco).

Gallery Statement

Chez Mohamed is a gallery structure stemming from la SIRA, an artist residency on the outskirts of Paris. Its presentations usually take place in non-traditional exhibition spaces such as the Business Class cabin of an A380 Air France flight, the soukh of Taroudant in Morocco or a 1988 Lincoln Towncar Limousine parked in front of this year’s edition of Paris Internationale. The works exhibited range between primary and secondary market and can include antiques, design pieces or archeological artefacts, in a way reminiscent of a middle-eastern bazaar or a late night convenience store. Founded in 2016, Chez Mohamed has permanent spaces in Asnières (France) and in Taroudant (Morocco).

Artists at Material

Marie-Hélène Herald
Thomas Mailaender
Bobby Dowler
My-Lan Hoang Thuy
Angélique Heidler
Allen Jones
Antoine Donzeaud
Olivier Kosta-Théfaine
Hubert Marot
Hamza Mediia

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Marie-Hélène Herald
Thomas Mailaender
John Miserendino


France - Asnières-Sur-Seine
6, Rue Louis Armand


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