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Artists Bio

George Rippon
(b. in New York, USA, 1983) Lives and works in Brussels (Belgium).

George Rippon completed the WIELS Residency Program in Brussels and achieved the Ernst & Young Preis–Städelschule Rundgang in Frankfurt am Main. He studied at the Städelschule–Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künst, Frankfurt am Main. Upcoming solo shows at WIELS, Brussels and Neue Alte Brücke in Frankfurt. Past solo exhibitions at ‘Ich bin Hund’ at Markus Lüttgen, Cologne, ‘Power Constellations’ at Ashley, Berlin and ‘Now Panic’ at Vilma Gold, London. In the past he has participated in duo exhibitions in Cologne at Galerie Nagel Draxler with Ani Schulze ‘Voyage Autour de ma Chambre’ and at KW, Berlin with Anina Troesch ‘tʌŋ’. Group exhibitions include UKS #4 Minibar: One Night Only – UKS, Oslo; 'Cosmopolitanissimo' at Club Jimmy Hoo, Brussels; 'Young Popes' Latvian Institute Rome, Villa Maraini, Rome; ‘Tilting at Windmills’ at Roberta, Frankfurt am Main; and ‘Salon Vougue’, New Bretagne Belle Air, Essen.

Gallery Statement

Damien & The Love Guru is a Brussels (Belgium)-based curatorial field of experimentation in contemporary art with an anthropological twist. It is currently functioning as an art gallery staging compelling and non-conventional exhibitions by emerging artists. Its mission is to activate immersion and critical approaches from interdisciplinary fields of visual art, performance and sound via independent projects and collaborations. It channels the emphasis of an art project as a way to create a tangible and inclusive environment. Their work ethic is very intuitive, but there is a great possibility that an intuitive decision is unconsciously strategic. Thus, they leave the ruling of things to the cosmic dice.

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George Rippon

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George Rippon
Sharon Van Overmeiren
Christiane Blattmann
Gauthier Oushoorn


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