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Alida Cervantes
(b. in San Diego, USA, 1972) Lives and works in the Tijuana (Mexico) and San Diego (USA) border region.

Traveling daily between the US and Mexico, Cervantes’ work is characterized by an interest in power relations between race, class, gender and even species. She explores these hierarchies both at the level of sexual or intimate relationships and on the broad stages of history and politics. Cervantes earned a BA from the University of California, San Diego (1995), then studied at Florence’s Scuola di Arte Lorenzo de’Medici for two years. In 2013 she earned her MFA from the University of California, San Diego. Her work is part of the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, the Charles Saatchi Collection, London, as well as the athenaeum Music & Arts Library’s permanent collection, San Diego.

(b. in Tijuana, Mexico, 1992) Lives and works in the Tijuana (Mexico).

Starting from an individual cosmology that takes into account his cultural heritage, Elsoldelrac creates objects that serve as evidence of their times through their symbolism, actions and materials. His production process transits between the rude gestures of a builder, the meticulousness of a designer and the creation of a shamanic poetic. Born and raised in Tijuana’s Zona Centro, his work process seems full of the ways of living with which he has coexisted day to day: the “auto-construcción” of Mexican housing, the quick and informal repair of objects and the recycling of second-hand clothing from the US. Elsoldelrac uses methods that consist of taking action under the rules, possibilities and hands of oneself, a premise that flux into the rest of his work.

Alexis Martínez Gutiérrez
(b. in Tijuana, Mexico, 1993)

The practice of Alexis Martínez Gutiérrez transits between corporality and its representation, rethinking about the use of specific materials, and actions in public or private spaces to unveil the dynamics of control and behavior that occur in such places. Using mainly materials associated with the soil, his work has materialized in the form of clothing: from dresses made with petroleum to ceramic armors. Now, in his most recent project, he employs fertilizer and seeds to germinate the plants that will form the structure of new and ephemeral garments, which the artist refers to as 'walking gardens'.

Gallery Statement

Deslave is an artist run space and curatorial project by Mauricio Muñoz and Andrew Roberts. Located in Tijuana, it is dedicated to contemporary art exhibitions and several activities surrounding the subject, such as talks, workshops and study groups. The project opened its doors in March 2017, and is currently developing its exhibition program for 2018-2019 with the support of the Patronato de Arte Contemporáneo (PAC) and the Municipal Cultural Program for Development 2018 (Programa de Desarrollo Cultural Municipal 2018 - PDCM).

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Alida Cervantes
Alexis Martínez Gutierrez

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