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Catrin Andersson
(b. in Helsingborg, Sweden, 1974) Lives and works in Stockholm (Sweden).

Catrin Andersson´s art consists of a visual surface with a substantial underlying depth of diverse material filled with history and processes. A surface changed over time, a frozen moment in an ever-changing process: Andersson digs in the layers of history much like an archaeologist and examines developments in the crusts of earth like a geologist. She uses information from scientific studies and presents her research and aestheticizes surveys with different material. Using drawing, photography and sculpture, Catrin uses the outdoors to explore her inner world. She’s an avid excavator, researcher and documenter of the shifting landscape.

Camilla Løw
(b. in Oslo, Norway, 1976) Lives and works in Oslo (Norway).

Camilla Løw’s sculptures continue to develop several currents dating back to 20th Century formalistic Modernism: Constructivism and De Stijl, but also 1960s Minimalism. Her focus is on geometric forms, repetition, construction and simplification. She uses basic forms such as the cube, the circle, the diagonal and the triangle, all painted in clear primary colours. In her own words, the works 'investigate what might be seen as traditional sculptural or architectonic concerns with form, space, rhythm, tension, balance and the properties of materials'. Their naming, playful and often poetic, at odds with the prefabricated materials from which they are constructed, parallels the sense of an object almost, though never entirely, anthropomorphic in scale and presence.

Dick Hedlund
(b. in Stockholm, Sweden, 1985) Work and lives in Malmö (Sweden).

Dick Hedlund is interested by how tiny divergencies and changes in a surface gives life to a seemingly recognisable pattern. His canvases gives the appearance of painting, but is in reality tiny changes in the fabric itself, that suggests an horizon. There are images, and yet not, a spiritual landscape emerges, as if willed forward during a seance. Hedlunds concrete sculptures are firm, physical. Full of cracks, as if they where remnants from a ancient dwelling. Concrete and other binders like asphalt have a very long history. The notion that water, ash and limestone once appeared to be the result of magic. Dick Hedlund shares this reverence for the transformation of material.

Magnus Thierfelder
(b. in Glumslöv, Sweden, 1976) Lives and works in Malmö (Sweden).

Magnus Thierfelder takes a particular interest in the symbolics of a lamp post or a brick that are not human, but can act as one, as they reanimate the situation they are placed in. He aims at telling a story put together from different angles and with different tempos, like bricks performing a dance in the middle of the street, nails transforming into a menacing cloud, a pair of shoes frozen in a moment of pause and suspense, a pipe leak that turns into a domestic fountain, the magic of a reflection of the sun caught in the palm of one's hand, and a hanging infinity on a nail on the wall. Thierfelder's objects assume a quietly idiosyncratic position of protest and deviation. His sculptures are imbued with a subtle political commentary marking out the position between magic and clarity. Insisting on the knowledge and the experience inherent in the details is like listening to things closely telling us what they know about the world.

Gallery Statement

Based in Stockholm (Sweden) and opened in 2005, ELASTIC GALLERY focuses on Scandinavian Contemporary Art, presenting 6 to 8 exhibitions at the gallery, along side projects and art fairs outside the gallery space. During MATERIAL ART FAIR they are presenting artistic practices that have not had a wider display in the Mexican art community.

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Catrin Andersson
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