Emanuel Layr

Vienna / Rome

Artists Bio

Matthias Noggler
(b. in Innsbruck, Austria, 1990)

Matthias Noggler’s paintings confront the viewer with adjoining scenes lacking any hierarchy or reading order. Reminiscent of look-and-find children's picture books, but also the work of Pieter Bruegel, the scenes are dense and overlapping. Caricatured figures from diverse socio-cultural milieus are crammed together in close quarters. Noggler lately graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and had his first solo show at Galerie Emanuel Layr in 2018. His works are recently exhibited at the Belvedere 21, Vienna.

Stano Filko
(b. in Veľká Hradná, Czechoslovakia, 1937 – d. in Bratislava, Slovakia, 2015)

Stano Filko was a leading figure of the neo-avantgarde in Central Europe. In his work each colour stands for a spatial concept and state of being: red denotes the biological space; green represents the space of the political and social relations; white stands for a sphere of being, it is the color of ontology, of being-related; blue shades represent the dimension of the cosmos; and black is the symbol for the space of the subject, the ego. On October 15, 2015, in his own words, he departed to the 5th dimension.

Anne-Sophie Berger
(b. in Vienna, Austria, 1989) Lives and works between Vienna (Austria) and New York (USA).

Anne-Sophie Berger is interested in the semantic ambivalence and potential that things obtain through our individual and social actions, shaped by quotidian use, exchange and communication. Berger has shown amongst many others at Smak Ghent, Mumok Vienna and Kunstverein Munich.

Gallery Statement

Galerie Emanuel Layr was founded in 2011 by Emanuel Layr in Vienna, Austria. It focuses on contextualizing and confronting notions and artistic manifestations of the conceptual with the relevant social, political and cultural issues of today. Based in a city with a long history of oscillation between hemispheres—East and West, North and South—, its program strives for interplay between artists from different generations and cultural or discursive backgrounds. The gallery represents the estate of Stano Filko and Cécile B. Evans. Since January 2017 it develops and runs a subsidiary in Rome, Italy.

Artists at Material

Matthias Noggler
Stano Filko
Anna-Sophie Berger

Represented or Affiliated Artists

Anna-Sophie Berger
Plamen Dejanoff
Stano Filko
Benjamin Hirte
Niklas Lichti
Matthias Noggler
Philipp Timischl
Julien Bismuth
Marius Engh
Gaylen Gerber
Lisa Holzer
Nick Oberthaler
Andy Boot
Cécile B. Evans
Lena Henke
Tillman Kaiser
Birgit Megerle
Lili Reynaud-Dewar


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