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Artists Bio

Matthew Kirk
(b. in Ganado, USA, 1978) Lives and works in New York (USA).

Matthew Kirk is known for his alternative use of everyday materials in his paintings, often painting on sheetrock panels and other detritus of both the construction and art handling industries, as well as for his distinctive formal language merging contemporary abstraction with the visual iconography of his Navajo heritage. Kirk has been in solo and group exhibitions at Louis B. James, New York (2012, 2015); Adams and Ollman, Portland, OR (2016); Exit Art (2011); The Intuit Center for Outsider and Self Taught Art, Chicago (2015): Makasiini Contemporary, Turku, Finland (2018); among others. He is the 2019 recipient of the Eiteljorg Museum Contemporary Art Fellowship.

Gigamei Kukwits
(b. in British Columbia, Canada, 1945) Lives and works in Vancouver (Canada).

Gigamei Kukwits is a hereditary Chief of the Kwakwakawak indigenous band whose territories are in what is currently known as British Columbia, Canada. His name was appointed in a Cedar Bark ceremony, and derives from his grandparents of the Tse wa daen uk and Mus gamma nations. Gigamei Kukwits paintings move well beyond Northwest Coast design elements, and describe a complex physical and metaphysical universe. United frameworks play essential and complementary roles in the advancement of queries into the nature of space and time, and metaphysical outlooks. A deep questioning of the concept of a privileged present moment runs deep in rich colour washes that invoke both forward, and backward movements in space and time.

Yeni Mao
(b. in Guelph, Canada, 1971) Lives and works in New York (USA).

Yeni Mao's practice centers on the distortion of cultural histories through sculpture, installation, photography and video. Mao is especially interested in the opacity and clarity of myths, and the transformation of archetypical narratives through time, space, and media into altered authenticities. Mao uses information distortion to highlight opposites such as authenticity versus mythology, and archives versus memory.

Gallery Statement

FIERMAN is a contemporary art gallery in New York City located at 127 Henry Street in the Lower East Side. It was founded in 2016 by David Fierman to focus on intimate presentations of contemporary and historical work with a focus on drawing-based practices and queer perspectives.

Artists at Material

Matthew Kirk
Gigaemi Kukwits
Yeni Mao

Represented or Affiliated Artists

Dietmar Busse
Cristine Brache
Nora Griffin
Kelly Jazvac
Matthew Kirk
Dapper Bruce Lafitte
Chuck Nanney
Jeneen Frei Njootli
Jimmy Wright


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