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Berlin / Mexico City

Artists Bio

Pakui Hardware (Neringa Cerniauskaite & Ugnius Gelguda)

Pakui Hardware is the name coined by curator Alex Ross (New York) for the collaborative artist duo Neringa Cerniauskaite (1984) and Ugnius Gelguda (1977), which began in 2014. It refers to Pakui, a Hawaiian Goddess who could circle Oahu island six times in a day. Thus Pakui Hardware is high-speed and brand politics as mythic semio-commodity as well as the desire to transcend the material limitations. Their work spans around the relationship between materiality, technology, and economy. How technology is shaping current economy and the physical reality itself, including the human body: the matter becomes both an obstacle and a vehicle.

Botond Keresztesi
(b. in Marosvásárhely, Romania, 1987) Lives and works in Budapest (Hungary).

Keresztesi studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest (2012); and at Universitat Leipzig kunstpedagogik, Germany (2011). Some of his recent exhibitions include ‘Legyen világosság’, HVG group exhibition, Art Quarter, Budapest (2018); ‘C.N.N. (crystal nails narratives)’, Labor Gallery (2018); ‘F.P.S. (Future Past Saturday)’, ENA viewing space, Budapest (2017); ‘Fear in Elysium’, Display, Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia (2017); ‘And I left dreaming about you’, Foothold, Polignano a mare, Bari (2017); ‘Teenscape’, Schloss, Oslo (2017); ‘N.S.A. National Sun Association’, Horizont Galéria, Budapest (2017); ‘Szeretlek (I love you)’, Hybrid Art, Budapest (2017).

Gallery Statement

Future Gallery was founded in 2008 as a project space out of a living room in Berlin- Kreuzberg. The space focused on the presentation and translation of online works of art into a physical exhibition space. It has since grown into a commercial gallery currently located across from the Neue National Gallery in Berlin-Tiergarten. In 2018 the gallery expanded to Mexico City, where it inaugurated the outpost Future Casita. The gallery is dedicated to the presentation of a new generation of artists fluent in prevailing everyday technologies, which they use to explore as well as comment on our increasingly screen- based reality.

Artists at Material

Pakui Hardware
Botond Keresztesi
Estrid Lutz

Represented or Affiliated Artists

Botond Keresztesi
Estrid Lutz
Rubén Grilo
Jon Rafman
Spiros Hadjidjanos
Femke Herregraven
Nicolas Pelzer


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