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Paulina Herrera Letelier
(b. in Santiago, Chile, 1978) Lives and works in Cagliari (Italy).

In the early eighties her family moved to Mexico City and then to Puebla (Mexico). Seven years later, with the end of dictatorship, Herrera Letelier returned to Chile, where she graduated from Architecture at the Central University of Chile. During 2009 and 2012 she studied her PhD at the University of Cagliari. Since 2013 she has been dedicated to the practice of the visual arts, got in contact with the world of local artisans and also works as an architect. During 2018 she made an artistic residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Calasetta MACC. Since 2017 she collaborates with the Archivio di Maria Lai for the design of a set for the experimental theater project "Andando via, Omaggio a Grazia Deledda", inspired by one of the works of the Sardinian artist. In the project, in addition to the design of the scenography, she is in charge of adapting Maria Lai's original drawings to technical drawings so that they can be woven in 14 looms in 14 different locations in Sardinia. Each tapestry is made with a traditional and characteristic weaving technique.

Gallery Statement

Galleria Macca opened its doors on June 2015. Its Founder, an independent curator and producer for more than a decade, worked closely with leading Latin American Art Galleries and collaborated with some of Latin American most promising emerging artists. Thus the need to open Macca (it means "crazy" in Sardinian) in her hometown, Cagliari, to become the first Italian contemporary art gallery entirely dedicated to show-case the work of emerging and mid-career Latin American artists, as well as collaborating with some of the most influential local artists. Its focus on site-specific projects that address current political and conceptual issues provides an intellectual platform of dissent and artistic investigation.

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Paulina Herrera Letelier

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