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Maya Ben David
Maya Ben David (MBD) is a Toronto-based Jewish-Iranian Anthropomorphic Airplane. Working in video, installation and performance, she creates worlds and characters that aid her ongoing exploration of anthropomorphism, cosplay and performative personas. Ben David presents the origin stories of her characters in the form of video and performance and expands on them via her online presence. They often inhabit alternate universes accompanied by nostalgia, such as the worlds of Pokémon and Spiderman. In addition, Ben David also plays a character called MBD who is known for having multiple feuds with her many alter egos as well as the art world.

Aleph Escobedo
(b. in Tepic, Mexico, 1988) Lives and works in Mexico City.

Aleph Escobedo studied Graphic Design at Universidad Europea de Madrid. His work has been exhibited in shows such as 'Le Gran Luxe', Futurama, Mexico City (2017); Tatuajes de Sol', 996, Guadalajara (2016); Salón Acme No.4, Ciudad de México (2016); 'La Caza 1', Bikini Wax (2014); and 'Gamex', Hiroshima Art Center, Japan (2013). He was awarded the FONCA Jóvenes Creadores Grant and he is currently on SOMA’s postgraduate program, Mexico City.

Luis Hidalgo
(b. in Mexico City, 1981)

Hidalgo studied at ‘La Esmeralda’, Mexico City. He has collaborated and exhibited with Magali Lara since 2001. His digital animations and works have been included in exhibitions at La Muse en Circuit, Paris; Jumex Foundation, Mexico City; El Cubo, Tijuana and Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires. While Hidalgo is interested in the broad realm of possibilities connected to the process of creating images digitally, his overriding interest is to create a situation that correlates to viewing images on a monitor. By separating the physical image from the reflective surface, the artist conveys the mysterious gap between the real and virtual.

El Pelele
(b. in 1993) Lives and works in Cordoba (Argentina).

El Pelele (Lucas Cardo) is a multidisciplinary artist / character. His work combines different languages holding a continuous dialogue between reality and virtuality. Among his practice, performance is a space of projection that enables him to explore physical impulses, but also to release the philosophical order that acts as the basis of his great corpus of narratives.

Marian Garrido
(b. in Aviles, Spain, 1984) Lives and works in Madrid (Spain).

Marian Garrido has a BFA from the Complutense University of Madrid with a MFA in Contemporary Art History and visual culture at the Reina Sofía MNCA. She has exhibited at the Sala de Arte joven de la Comunidad de Madrid, Centro de Arte Conde Duque, LABoral Gijón, Matadero Madrid, Fabra i coats, Sant Andreu contemporani, Centro Centro Cibeles and La Casa Encendida. She won the 2017 Generation Award of La Casa Encendida and Circuitos de artes plásticas 2017. Garrido has directed and taught several courses and seminars such as ‘Post-Anarchism, Nomadism and Interzones’ for two years in the program CortoCircuitos of Extensión Universitaria Complutense; ‘En las ruinas del futuro; el fantasma de la máquina’ developed in RAMPA; and ‘Art and mutations in the current consumer culture’ in Medialab Prado.

Gallery Statement

Gak! Janet40 is a platform for the production and distribution of digital art created by Luis Nava and Patricia Siller, focused on the materialization of artists´s concepts with interest in the exchange between IRL and URL media. Thanks to the collaboration between disciplines –art, industrial design, web design, fashion, music and technological development–, Janet40 has managed to produce a variety of works by Mexican artists interested in working with digital media, reflectioning upon the use of tools and, while exhibiting their work processes. Janet40 does not represent artists, but collaborates with them by creating samples of their processes and results.

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