joségarcía ,mx

Mexico City

Artists Bio

Eduardo Sarabia
(b. in Los Angeles, 1976) Lives and works in Guadalajara (Mexico).

A constant theme in Eduardo Sarabia’s work has been his interest in the relationship between his cultural roots and his American identity. Drawing inspiration from the unique and complex zone that divides Mexico from the United States, Sarabia stages intricate scenes infused with light romanticism, humor, and a sense of absurdity. From his liminal point of view, Sarabia exposes clichés about Mexican culture in order to question the imaginary borders demarcated by cultural stereotypes.

Mario García Torres
(b. in Monclova, Mexico, 1975) Vive y trabaja en Ciudad de México.

He received his BFA from the Universidad de Monterrey (1998) and his MFA from the California Institute of the Arts (2005). Responding to the legacies of Conceptual art and institutional critique, García Torres uses film, photography, slide projection, sound, text, and video to debunk modernist myths, deconstruct art-world icons, and reveal the contingent nature of supposedly universal truths. Appropriation, narrative, repetition, reenactment, and the tropes of reportage are some of the strategies that he employs to uncover the limitations of memory and the subjectivity of historical record.

Simon Fujiwara
(b. in London, United Kingdom, 1982) Lives and works in Berlin (Germany).
Simon Fujiwara spent his childhood moving between Japan, Europe, and Africa. He received a BA in architecture from Cambridge University (2005) and earned an MFA from the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main (2008). Fujiwara’s practice is markedly performative and interdisciplinary in nature, calling upon diverse disciplines and mediums as a means to both research and reinvent his own multilayered autobiography. Engineering complex narratives—both personal and political—Fujiwara’s art presents a profound inquiry into the nature of history, memory, and identity.

Christian Jankowski
(b. in Göttingen, West Germany, 1968) Lives and works in Berlin (Germany).

Jankowski’s work consists of performative interactions between himself with non-art professionals, between contemporary art and the so-called ‘world outside of art’. These interactions give insight into the popular understanding of art, while incorporating many of contemporary art’s leading interests in contemporary society: regarding lifestyle, psychology, rituals and celebrations, self-perception, competition, and mass-produced and luxury commodities. Jankowski’s work can be seen both as a reflection, deconstruction, and critique of a society of spectacle and at the same time as reflection, deconstruction, and critique of art, which has given itself over to spectacle and thereby endangered its critical potential.

Gallery Statement

Joségarcía ,mx inaugurated in October 2015 in Colonia Juárez, Mexico City, as an initiative of José García, founder and former director of Proyectos Monclova, and his new associates Ana Castella and Leticia Vilalta. The aim of starting a new space was bringing together a long-term experience of founders and fresh innovative strategies, turning it into one-of-a-kind fusion of cultural institution and commercial gallery. The goals are supporting and promoting young Mexican but also European artists on international arena, establishing a dialog between Mexican and international creators and curators and proposing a rich cultural offer in the gallery space as well as in experimental locations of Mexico City, and since January 2016 in Mérida, Yucatan.

Artists at Material

Eduardo Sarabia
Mario García Torres
Simon Fujiwara
Christian Jankowski

Represented or Affiliated Artists

Eduardo Costa
Benoît Maire
Nina Beier
François Bucher
José León Cerillo
Simon Fujiwara
Mario García Torres
Christian Jankowski
Marie Lund
Tania Pérez Córdova
Ana Montiel
Eduardo Sarabia
Rometti Costales
Pablo Davila


Mexico - Cuauhtémoc
Sabino # 276
Sta. Maria de la Ribera
06400 Mexico City