Mexico City

Artists Bio

Jerónimo Elespe
(b. in Madrid, Spain, 1975) Lives and works in Madrid (Spain).

Elespe's work is a constant search and is influenced by many sources: from the visionary paintings of Charles E. Burchfield to Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s woodwork prints, or the comic books by Henriette Valium. He is both critical and part of contemporary and historical painting. His works are like abstract diaries. His domestic and studio lives are completely intertwined, benefiting his paintings. He is interested in the idea of ​​domestic cycles and how repetition can help creativity if it is channeled correctly. The making of his works is a slow cumulative process that can last for months or years, and leads him to explore different pictorial languages.

Jorge Satorre
(b. in Mexico City, 1979) Lives and works in Mexico City.

The work of Jorge Satorre develops as a series of responses to traces excluded from historical moments in a variety of contexts to which they relate, claiming apparently non-representative opinions as revealers of a non-hegemonic truth. Making use of drawing as his main medium, collaboration with experts from different fields, historians, geologists, writers or other artists, helps him determine the specificity of each project.

Terence Gower
(b. in British Columbia, Canada, 1965) Lives and works in United States, France and Mexico.

The desire to review the notion of progress, a term corrupted by the excess of technological modernism, is of paramount importance to Gower. His work manifests dialogues between architecture and art by exploring the ideas of form, modernity, abstraction and identity. For him, abstract forms can communicate abstract ideas more effectively than representative or pictorial ones. His most recent projects can be described as ‘curatorial installations’ in which he combines video, sculpture, other artists' works and material from his archive. Thus, they offer viewers myriad access points to the study theme.

Irene Kopelman
(b. in Córdoba, Argentina, 1974) Lives and works in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Kopelman wishes to demonstrate that it is impossible to confine the complexity of things into narrow categories and divisions: during the nineteenth century a scientific project needed to force things to enter certain categories in order to organize the world into a logical system, ignoring any singularity . The artist tries to reopen the category of similarity and, through representations, hopes to make evident the complexity of the seemingly categorical. She has worked along with scientists to point out the similarities and differences between the scientific method and that of art. From the convergence of both emerges a narrative based on the dynamics of difference and repetition.

Gallery Statement

LABOR was created in 2009 by Pamela Echeverría in Mexico City. It works with artists whose processes are based on scientific, political and sociological research, generating a criticism that questions current affairs. It seeks to encourage the development of new collectors and active audiences, as well as promoting contemporary thinking through dialogue. LABOR represents Erick Beltrán, Irene Kopelman, Teresa Margolles, Gala Porras-Kim, Santiago Sierra, Hector Zamora, Etienne Chambaud, Terence Gower, Jill Magid, Raphael Montañez Ortiz, Pedro Reyes, Pablo Vargas Lugo, Jerónimo Elespe, Jan Peter Hammer, Nicholas Mangan, Yuri Pattison, Jorge Satorre and Antonio Vega Macotela.

Artists at Material

Jerónimo Elespe
Jorge Satorre
Terence Gower
Irene Kopelman

Represented or Affiliated Artists

Erick Beltrán
Etienne Chambaud
Jerónimo Elespe
Terence Gower
Jan Peter Hammer
Irene Kopelman
Jill Magid
Nicholas Mangan
Teresa Margolles
Raphael Montañéz Ortíz
Yuri Pattison
Gala Porras-Kim
Pedro Reyes
Jorge Satorre
Santiago Sierra
Pablo Vargas Lugo
Antonio Vega Macotela
Héctor Zamora


Mexico - Ciudad de México
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