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Mexico City

Artists Bio

Elsa-Louise Manceaux
(b. in Paris, France, 1985) Lives and works in Mexico City.

Although multidisciplinary in her projects and collaborations, Elsa-Louise Manceaux focuses her practice on drawing and painting. The visual language of her recent works traces relationships between the concepts of synthesis and progress; information and deformation, communication and subversion, are the axes underlying the forms and motives present in her images, transmitted from different supports and installations. Her compositions are polyphonic and move through inner worlds, mental landscapes or intangible situations, which provide a sense of sensual and rebellious vision, mixing imaginaries and generating displacements between the personal, the historical and the cybernetic.

Gallery Statement

Established as a project space in Chicago from 2012-2013 by artist Francisco Cordero-Oceguera, it was relocated to Mexico City in late 2013 with a yearly program of contemporary art. Lodos functions as a hybrid exhibition space in terms of it being an artist-run gallery; it is commercial, but primarily artist and project oriented. The gallery is an initiative that speaks to ideas of collectivity and potential propositions through artistic production. The program has included the work of Oa4s, Renaud Jerez, Diego Salvador Rios, Elsa-Louise Manceaux, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Kasia Fudakowski, Adriana Lara, Ramaya Tegegne, amongst others. Programming for 2019 includes projects by Noah Barker, Rosa Aiello, and Veit Laurent Kurz.

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Elsa-Louise Manceaux

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