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Artists Bio

Kristy Luck
(b. in Woodstock, USA, 1985) Lives and works in Los Angeles (USA).

Kristy Luck’s rich, subtly dynamic paintings evoke a mythic symbolism that emerges through intuitive imagination and fluid structure. Approaching representation suggestively, and from personal observation of things close to her everyday experience, the forms display a biomorphic, visceral sensuality. She holds an MFA in Painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BFA from Rockford University. Her works have been exhibited in London, LA, New York, and Chicago with recent shows at SPRING/BREAK, Guerrero Gallery, Left Field, Big Pictures LA and Projet Pangée in Montreal.

Alan Prazniak
(b. in Pennsylvania, USA, 1985) Lives and works in Brooklyn (USA).

Alan Prazniak was raised on a horse farm in rural Pennsylvania, where his formative years were spent navigating the idyllic landscapes of the Delaware Water Gap. He received his BFA from Tyler School of Art and his MFA from Rutgers. Most recently, his work has been exhibited at Harpy Gallery (Rutherford) and 106 Green (Brooklyn). Alan Prazniak’s luminous, fuzzy fields invite us into a constructed world of fantasy. Neither dawn nor dusk, Prazniak’s world is narrated through omnipresent tricksters, who order mountains to spill lava from their river beds and force multiple moons, suns and orbs to appear all at once, wielding their magic for endless possibilities.

Jessica Williams
(b. in Los Angeles, USA, 1983) Lives and works in Los Angeles (USA).

Jessica Williams studied at Columbia University (MFA 2008) and the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA 2005). Her approach is loose and intuitive as the works slip away from representation and into a world of the unseen. The paintings echo with ghosts of their referents, evoking a sense of fragmented recollection and impermanence. Her work has been included in recent shows at Del Vaz Projects, Los Angeles; Torrance Art Museum, Torrance; Night Gallery, Los Angeles; Sargent’s Daughters, New York; Tierry Goldberg Gallery, New York; Galeria La Esperanza, Mexico City; and SADE, Los Angeles.

Claire Milbrath
(b. in Victoria, Canada, 1989) Lives and works in Montreal (Canada).

Claire Milbrath is the editor-in-chief of art publication Editorial Magazine. Although Milbrath did not receive formal art instruction, her work is informed by various naive painters from the past, especially in its disregard for both the rules of perspective and the classical rendering of the human form. Milbrath’s work centers around the imaginary life of "Poor Gray", an idle, anxious man who serves as an alter ego for the artist. Her playful hues and childlike drawing style gives way to darker psychological and sexual undercurrents. Milbrath has recently exhibited in LA, Turin, and Copenhagen.

Gallery Statement

Projet Pangée is an artist-run gallery located in Montreal showing local and international artists in a playful contemporary setting. The gallery's primary mandate is to present insightful exhibitions through an uncompromising curatorial approach while fostering aesthetic and theoretical dialogues. Projet Pangée aims to create conversations and engage with contemporary art communities both in Canada and abroad.

Artists at Material

Kristy Luck
Alan Prazniak
Jessica Williams
Claire Milbrath

Represented or Affiliated Artists

Kristy Luck
Ambera Wellmann
Trevor Baird
Darby Milbrath
Patrick Cruz
Vanessa Brown
Delphine Hennelly
Laurie Kang
Sky Glabush
Kristy Luck
Alan Prazniak
Jessica Williams


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