Artists Bio

Alessandro Teoldi
(b. in Milan, Italy, 1987) Lives and works in New York (USA).

Alessandro Teoldi transforms simple, everyday materials –inflight blankets– into intimate mediations, using a reduced aesthetic vocabulary reminiscent of both Minimalism and Conceptual Art. He addresses themes such as love and loss, legitimacy and difference, inviting viewers to participate in establishing meaning in his works, and to consider whose bodies matter. A kind of panoptical or Brechtian experience of that which is familiar. His recent exhibitions include a solo show at 11R Gallery, New York (2017); ‘Far from Now’, Baxter St at The Camera Club, New York (2017); and group shows include ‘Roll Call’, Missouri State University, Springfield (2017); ‘Baggage Claim’, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York (2017); and NURTUREart Benefit, The Boiler, Pierogi gallery, New York (2015).

Eugen Roșca
(b. in Galati, Romania, 1988) Lives and works in Bucharest (Romania).

Tireless and emblematic, Eugen Roșca's painting tries to capture the regeneration of the flow of an incomprehensible and perpetually changing life: continuously creating and destroying, transcending and challenging. Condensing multiple influences –sometimes Wagnerian–, his work is interposed between tradition and modernity, religion and new lay claims, rationality and uncertainty, crudeness and aesthetics, discomfort and well-being. Recent exhibitions: ‘Shallow and Profound’, curated by Domenico de Chirico, Suprainfinit Gallery, Bucharest (2017); ‘Exercises in Style’, Group Show, Suprainfinit Gallery, Bucharest (2016); ‘Riverans Only’, The Paintbrush Factory, Cluj Napoca (2016); ‘Knife Seller’, PLAN B Gallery, Berlin (2015); Berlin Show #3: Glimpse, PLAN B Gallery, Berlin (2011).

Gallery Statement

Suprainfinit Gallery (Bucharest, Romania) was founded by Suzana Vasilescu in September 2015. It develops an ambitious programme focused on both Romanian and foreign emerging artists, active in the international art scene. Taking shape in any artistic medium, the gallery program reflects on manifestations and meanings of contemporaneity. In 2017 the gallery took the commitment of showing exhibitions in various venues as a growing process, a way to get closer to and synthesize from many perspectives the social reality of chaotic and ever fascinating Bucharest. The struggle to search for new locations for each exhibition was taken with excitement for the discovery of different strata in the urban fabric, the excavation of forgotten histories, and the joy of surprise. On 2018 Suprainfinit’s program moved back to the gallery’s permanent space.

Artists at Material

Alessandro Teoldi
Eugen Roșca

Represented or Affiliated Artists

Alessandro Teoldi
Eugen Rosca
Collective Apparatus 22 (Maria Farcas, Erika Olea, Dragos Olea)
Indrikis Gelzis
Larisa Sitar
Adrian Dan


Romania - Bucharest
Mantuleasa St. 22, 2nd District